Hungry Ghosts - I Don’t Think About You Anymore But, I Don’t Think About You Anyless

At this stage, I don’t have any sins because I’ve already committed them all. Now I’m in the countdown… I’m on the path to old age and starting on the path to holiness. Not because I’m good, but because of how much I’ve sinned and because of this, how much I’ve learned
José Mujica - President of Uruguay

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The Cure - Boys Don’t Cry

Robert Smith is pretty kickass.

Robert Smith kicks ass

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Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving dinner

Lost Weekend Western Swing Band - In the Shadow of the Valley

Good god, I’ve been on and off searching for this song for almost a decade now. The opening is a bit off, but the rest still manages to refresh the feeling helpless adolescent political rage I used to be overwhelmed with. Damn getting old man.

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Loving someone who doesn’t love you is like waiting for a ship at the airport

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Gil Scott Heron - Home Is Where The Hatred Is

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i always wish this song was longer

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